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Development History

The goal of our business at the beginning of its establishment was to supply rutile grade and anatase grade titanium dioxide in the domestic market. As a company with the vision of becoming a leader in China’s titanium dioxide market, the domestic market at the time had great potential for us. After years of accumulation and development, our business has occupied a major market share in China's titanium dioxide industry and has become a high-quality supplier for industries of coatings, papermaking, ink, plastic, rubber, leather, and other fields.

In 2022, the company began to explore global market by establishing the brand of SUN BANG.

  • 1996
    ● Invest in the titanium dioxide industry.
  • 1996
    ● The company's sales over more than 10 provinces in China.
  • 2008
    ● Won the honor of key taxpayer in Xiamen, Fujian Province.
  • 2019
    ● Invest in ilmenite industry.
  • 2022
    ● Set up the foreign trade department.
    Explore the global market.