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Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is a white inorganic pigment, the main component is TiO2.

Because of its stable physical and chemical properties, excellent optical and pigment performance, it is considered to be the best white pigment in the world. It is mainly used in many fields such as coatings, paper making, cosmetics, electronics, ceramics, medicine and food additives. The per capital consumption of titanium dioxide is considered to be an important indicator to measure the degree of economic development of a country.

At present, the production process of titanium dioxide in China is divided into sulfuric acid method, chloride method and hydrochloric acid method.


Sun Bang is committed to providing high-quality titanium dioxide for the coating industry. Titanium dioxide is one of the indispensable components in the production of coatings. In addition to covering and decoration, the role of titanium dioxide is to improve the physical and chemical properties of coatings, enhance chemical stability, improve the mechanical strength, adhesion and corrosion resistance of application. Titanium dioxide also can improve UV protection and water penetration, and prevent cracks, delay aging, prolong the life of the paint film, light and weather resistance; at the same time, titanium dioxide can also save materials and increase varieties.

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Plastic & Rubber

Plastic is the second largest market for titanium dioxide after coating.

The application of titanium dioxide in plastic products is to utilizing its high hiding power, high decolorizing power and other pigment properties. Titanium dioxide can also improve the heat resistance, light resistance and weather resistance of plastic products, and even protect plastic products from ultraviolet light to improve the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products. The dispersibility of titanium dioxide has great significance to the coloring power of plastic.

Ink & Printing

Since ink is thinner than paint, ink has higher requirements for titanium dioxide than paint. Our titanium dioxide has small particle size, uniform distribution and high dispersion, so that the ink can achieve high hiding power, high tinting power and high gloss.

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In modern industry, paper products as means of production, more than half of which are used for printing materials. The production of paper is required to provide opacity and high brightness, and has a strong ability to scatter light. Titanium dioxide is the best pigment for solving opacity in paper production because of its best refractive index and light scattering index. Paper using titanium dioxide has good whiteness, high strength, gloss, thin and smooth, and does not penetrate when printed. Under the same conditions, the opacity is 10 times higher than that of calcium carbonate and talcum powder, and the quality can also be reduced by 15-30%.